Tired of buying new Lashes? Are they taking all your money? Introducing our new lash washing machine can help with that! All you need is a little skirt of our lash shampoo (sold on our site( and water and your good to go. Removes lash glue/ hair glue and particles that can get caught in our lashes.Wondering if you can use it with other make up essentials? Yes you can the foreign lash machine can be used to cleanse your lashes brushes and beauty blenders as well.Ok ok I know you thinking well... How does it work? All you have to do is hold the button on the washer for 3 seconds and just like Magic the washer does it all for you.when your done washing your lashes carefully remove the lash using your (foreign lash applicator)- sold on our website. Let your lashes air dry for about 5 minutes & your ready to rewear them.Lash machine is battery operated. Batteries included!

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